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The following verse is a 

Dear Julie Ann,

Your wedding day is all about love, joy and change,

But as a daughter there’s nothing that we’d rearrange.

Feet first and bald was our precious new baby girl,

Vaseline helped your mom create one little curl.


“Annie” we called you in those early childhood years.

You danced in ballet recitals; Mom held back her tears.

Learning to ride a two-wheeler as a little bit rough,

But a tree fall and traction proved you wre tough.


While you dressed your Barbies, Mom enjoyed dressing you.

Shopping for clothes is something you still like to do.

Pretty clothes, flashy jewelry completed your “together look”,

Then a first memorable meeting with David is all that it took.


Julie, the inside of the package is what we love best.

Love of God and your family far outweighs all the rest.

And as David and you walk together through life,

We know that David has in you, etc.


                                    Happy Wedding Day!

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