Imagine surprising your parents or grandparents by reading their life story in poetry at their 50th wedding anniversary celebration and then presenting them with a framed, heirloom poem. Maybe you are newlyweds celebrating your first anniversary and your words just don’t say what your heart is feeling. Celebrate a special anniversary with a personal poem.


Poetry is the perfect birthday present. Celebrate the life of someone you love with a poem that recounts the many ways he or she is so special. Add some precious memories and a few humorous moments. The honored person and any guests will be amazed and entertained.


When one reaches the retirement milestone, it’s time to congratulate and celebrate with family and friends. Whether it is a husband, wife, or close friend, a custom poem recounting the ups and downs of a long career will make the party memorable. Framed, the poem will be cherished for years to come.


Imagine a wedding poem read at the rehearsal dinner or reception from the bride’s or groom’s parents.  The poem recalls the specific, treasured memories of their child growing up — tender moments, humorous incidents, achievements, and personal wishes for the future.

Custom Poetry

Personal Poetry, Inc. specializes in writing custom poetry for all occasions utilizing the talent of National Award-Winning Poet, Jean Marie Welch.  Jean Marie’s verse has honored a French Consul General, a U.S. Ambassador, Corporate Presidents, movie stars and individuals from all walks of life.  “The poems when framed become heirlooms for future generations,” says Jean Marie.



Raise morale and recognize an individual or a team for their outstanding performance.  A custom poem can highlight the specific accomplishments that made a difference to the success of your company.  Whether recognizing an Executive, a valued employee, a visiting dignitary or a community leader, Personal Poetry Inc. prides itself in its ability to transform prose to beautiful, memorable verse.


The auditorium grows silent as the unsuspecting recipient is invited to center stage.  The words melodically capture the retiree’s professional life, his humor, his outstanding contributions to the success of the company, and the genuine appreciation of colleagues.  Finally, the poem ends and the framed version is presented.  Forget the ubiquitous plaque.  A lifetime is captured forever, and the moment is priceless!


Opening or closing your convention with a custom-written poem that captures the theme of this major event will definitely hold your audience’s attention and allow them to share the moment.  Depending on your business, the word “custom” means tailoring the content to your industry, adding a touch of humor, highlighting what YOU want to highlight.  Best of all, your audience will love the fact that poetry is short and concise.


Make any large or small event memorable by reading a poem that captures the moment.  Whether you are entertaining a small group at a private dinner, having a Grand Opening, or playing host to a large group of attendees at a special function, a custom-written verse for the occasion will be unique and memorable. Discuss the project, collaborate with our award-winning poet and your audience will applaud this hidden talent they have never seen before.


Move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY!  Stand out from the competition with unique copy for websites, radio and television commercials, and brochures.  Whether Personal Poetry Inc. is the sole source or a supplemental source to your in-house team or an outside agency, we work with one goal in mind—writing creative copy to help build your corporate presence by capturing interest and promoting sales.  Hospitals, restaurants, security investment firms, banks, real estate agencies, auto dealerships, and charitable organizations are just a few of the clients who have experienced the power of our poetry in advertising.

Relationship Building

Building strong business and community relations is essential in today’s corporate culture.  Personal Poetry Inc. is the professional specialist that is eager to make your company stand out by touching hearts and changing lives.  A custom-made card with a custom verse inside is a unique way to leave a lasting impression.  Encourage donations to a chosen charity by moving hearts through words.  Conclude a public keynote address with a poem that captures the essence of your message.  Encourage your employees with a short custom verse that tells them why they are appreciated.

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