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Corporate Anniversary

The following poem marked a 35th corporate Anniversary and also honored my client’s partner.  The poem has been abbreviated and identifying names of people and places are fictionalized.  The poem recounts the founding of the company by two twenty-two year olds.  My client received a standing ovation and hired Personal Poetry, Inc. for two subsequent events.

One Glorious Ride

Now, do me a favor!  Imagine you are twenty-two years old if you can.

We’re going to take a trip back, way back, to where our journey began.

In 1961 our world in Myersport seemed unexciting and small.

Together we devised a master plan to literally get away from it all.

We boarded a Norwegian tanker and worked three weeks for our fare.

We docked in England, found a youth hostel and had some money to spare.

We covered the European races including the Monte Carlo Grand Prix.

Our press passes offered us excellent vantage points from which to see.

When we returned Myersport after being wined and dined,

Cars still held their appeal, so we said, “It’s cars we will consign!”

Selling cars was undeniably our calling, our joint destiny, our fate.

When we started losing money, we got serious and started working late.

Northland Star Auto, our first company, incorporated in September of ’64.

We were rich in spirit, but our accountant said, “My numbers say you’re poor.”

Each morning we got up early and washed all the cars we had bought.

At 9:00 a.m. we donned suit and tie. We knew appearance meant a lot.

Today, Northland Star Auto is the realization of our early dream.

Fortunately, we have been truly blessed with a great supportive team.

Our families and our employees helped immeasurably along the way.

Our five dealerships are the driving force that keeps us challenged every day.

Jack, thanks for these past 35 years, thanks for being close to my side,

Thanks for the journey, Partner. It has been One Glorious Ride!

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