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The following verse is a Birthday

The following poem was written to honor a gentleman on his birthday.   It was read at a party attended by a large group of family and friends and is posted with his permission.


Happy Birthday, Butch!


Your first name may not be Elvis, but to me, you are still a king,

And because it is your 76th birthday, your praises I will sing.

Butch, you focused your energy on football goals in the early years.

You ran the ball for the Javelinas to the sound of thunderous cheers.


Named most valuable back in the NAIA national championship game,

You continued your career in Canada, this time for Canuck football fame.

After six years in Canada, you left football and decided to return to school.

It took courage, but those who knew you knew you were nobody’s fool.


That you weren’t all brawn the world would soon be able to see.

You graduated from Texas A&I with an engineering degree.

Eventually, you went to work for Tenneco and Louisiana was home,

But life changed one day when you risked going out on your own.


You made a decision and took an action that was risky as well as bold.

God blessed you and your partners with a strike of black liquid gold,

But wealth nor poverty would never change the special man you are,

To all of us you are a kind and generous, God-fearing Baptist Superstar!



With love and best wishes,



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