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Sample Anniversary Poem: The dinner has ended and Mom and Dad are seated in a place of honor. All the adult children go to the front of the room as the oldest son steps in front of the microphone. A life story of love is captured in poetry.  Eyes well with tears as Mom and Dad listen in amazement.  The beautifully framed poem is presented and placed on a stand for display, a lasting tribute that will be cherished by the family for generations to come.

The following sample is an abbreviated 60th Anniversary poem.  It illustrates how detailed the poems are when finished.

Dear Mom and Dad,

It has been sixty years since Dad and you eloped,

And your marriage has been everything you had hoped.

Your lives were exciting right from the start

For you each had the courage to follow your heart.


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is where you were wed,

But El Dorado, Mexico was the place that fate led.

Dad worked on the railroad, and you had food enough,

But dirt floors and scorpions made life somewhat rough.


Dad wasn’t all work, he found time to play;

His Propeller Club in San Juan exists even today.

Then back to Huntsville, the whole family came.

Dad founded Reed Shipping, his fortune and fame.


Now business is very important in life,

But it’s just as important to have a good wife.

Raising five children, and preparing the meals

Was every bit as important as big business deals.


You are terrific parents, both “Grand” and “Great,”

. . . . . .etc.

Happy 60th Anniversary!

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