About the Poet

Personal Poetry, Inc. writes poems for a variety of business and personal occasions. Below you'll find a list of uses our clients have enjoyed over the years. For more information, client testimonials and samples, simply click on the topic name. You can also go directly to our sample only page.

Poetry for Corporate Events
Advertising · Recognition · Strengthen Relationships · Anniversary
Retirement · Thank You · Congratulations


Poetry for Personal Events
Weddings · Birthdays · Mother's Day · Father's Day · Anniversary · Thank You
Congratulations · Friendship · Grandchild · Valentine · Heirloom · Eulogy
Retirement · Pet · Graduation · Bar/Bat Mitzvah · Invitation

Move from ordinary to EXTRAORDINARY! Stand out from the crowd with unique copy for websites, radio and television commercials, and brochures. Whether you require a sole source or supplemental source to your advertising or marketing team, Personal Poetry, Inc. works with one goal in mind--writing creative copy that captures interest, thereby building corporate presence and promoting sales. Hospitals, restaurants, security investment firms, banks, real estate agencies, and auto dealerships are just a few of the businesses that have experienced the power of poetry in advertising. Explore the possibilities. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Personal Poetry, Inc. lets the audience share in the success of an individual or team for outstanding accomplishment. A custom poem is concise, specific and personal. Framed beautifully, it is a tangible gift that the honored person will cherish for a lifetime. Whether recognizing a community leader, a visiting dignitary or a valued employee, Personal Poetry, Inc. prides itself in its ability to transform ordinary prose into poetry.

The auditorium grows silent as the unsuspecting recipient is invited to center stage. The words melodically capture the retiree's professional life, his humor, his outstanding contributions to the success of the company and the genuine appreciation of colleagues. Finally, the poem ends and the framed version is presented. Retirement poems capture a lifetime in a single priceless moment.

Imagine gift-wrapping your proposal of marriage in a poem, or giving the perfect gift to your new bride during the ceremony by composing your wedding vows in professional verse. Parents can use a poem to recall a son or daughter’s life at the rehearsal dinner or reception. The uses are as endless as your love and imagination.

Poetry is the perfect birthday present! Celebrate the life of someone you love in poetry. Dazzle your guests with a custom invitation.

Strengthen Relationships
Building strong business and community relations is essential in today's corporate culture. Personal Poetry, Inc. is the professional specialist that is eager to make your company stand out by touching hearts and changing lives.
  • Conclude a public keynote address with poetry that captures your message.
  • Encourage donations to a chosen charity by moving hearts through words.
  • Thank a special person in a personal way.

Imagine surprising your parents or grandparents by reading their life story in poetry at their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration and then presenting them with the framed heirloom poem. Maybe you are newlyweds celebrating your 1st Anniversary and your words just don't say what your heart is feeling. Celebrate a special anniversary with a personal poem by Personal Poetry, Inc.