About the Poet
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The sample is an abbreviated 60th anniversary poem. It illustrates how detailed the poems are when finished.
The verse was commissioned by a son for his mother's 80th birthday. The custom framed verse was delivered the morning of her birthday. She sobbed as she read his loving words. After she gained her composure she called her son and thanked him. She then took the poem and drove to each of her closest friends' homes and showed them her priceless gift.
Corporate Anniversaries
The poem marked a 35th corporate anniversary and also honored my client's partner. My client received a standing ovation and hired Personal Poetry, Inc. for two subsequent events. Identifying names have been changed.
Corporate Events
We provided an original verse for a theme lunch for approximately 150 convention planners from across the United States. The stated theme for the lunch was "Simple Pleasures". The picnic lunch was catered in a grove of pecan trees and Jean Marie Welch read the poem at the event. An earth-colored copy of the verse decorated with orange and blue raffia was also placed at each place setting as a keepsake gift.
The verse is an excerpt from a poem written to honor the president of a U.S. subsidiary of a major international corporation. The poem was 30 lines in length and was read at the company's 10-Year Anniversary Celebration.
Specific achievements accomplished under the leadership of this individual were mentioned in the beginning of the poem. Members of the family, including two beloved pet dogs, were mentioned at the end of the poem.
Strengthen Relationships
Corporations reach out to communities in various ways. The poem was framed and donated to several domestic violence shelters.
The following verse is a revised custom verse. The proper names have been changed, and the poem is shortened from the original. The verse was read during the wedding ceremony and was a surprise gift for the groom. The heirloom gift will undoubtedly be kept in the family for generations.